A Little Local Knowledge Goes A Long Way

Writing books requires a lot of research. Especially when it comes to books like those in the Jaspa’s Journey series, all of which are set in real locations around the World, and in which the details are everything.

The best sort of research involves personal experience. And in the case of Jaspa’s Journey that means, whenever possible, actually visiting the places and living the events involved first hand. For Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London, Rich took immersing himself in a location to new depths, by living in the British capital for five years!

Seriously though, while Rich really did live in London whilst studying for his first degree (in Geography), the idea for a Jaspa’s Journey book set there didn’t come along until much later. But when it did, his background knowledge of the city came in very handy. And with family and friends still in the UK, Rich was able to revisit all the locations featured in the book (and several others that didn’t make the cut) during the planning, writing and editing phases.

Houses of Parliament, London (photo: Rich Meyrick – January 4th, 2016)

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