A day, a year, a lifetime & a life

Rich – Last week was an eventful week for us, marked by some occasions that can at best be considered trivially silly and others that were deeply profound. Here are the edited highlights, in ascending order of importance…

Day: On Tuesday we took Mike out into the Nevada desert near Area 51, along the Extraterrestrial Highway. Some people want to get stupidly drunk for their Stag event, Mike asked if we’d take him plodding around the desert… Who were we to argue?

Mike’s main goal was to do a fun geocache series called the Head Alien… 51 caches (get the significance?) which when viewed from above, form the shape of the iconic alien head. We completed the appointed task, which ended up being about a six mile hike around the desert, accompanied by dog-fighting jets above (including live flares and sonic booms!).

But having started we were unable to stop! We continued to grab caches all the way back to Las Vegas, where we were staying. For each of us the result was a personal record number of caches found in one day… 86!

Year: If you think that 86 caches in a day is crazy, you’ll think this next one is really cracked. Last May Sue, Jaspa and I went away on vacation to Florida and did the geocache thing each day. When we got home we decided to see just how long we could go on finding at least one cache every day. Monday represented one whole year! Since we started our streak we’ve found over 1000 caches in two Canadian provinces, 13 US states, 13 countries on four continents! The men with the white coats with the buttons in the back will be coming to carry us off soon!

Lifetime: On to the more significant events of the past week. The main reason for our current travels (more about where we’ve visited next week) was to meet up with our friends Mike and Helen for their wedding.  After eleven years together, they were finally eloping to Las Vegas to make it official! Sue and I were thrilled to be Maid of Honour and Best Man!

The wedding went off without a hitch… the chapel was lovely, the service was warm and personal, the groom seemed a little nervous, and the bride was radiant. All in all, the perfect marriage! Congratulations guys!

Afterwards we retired to the top of the Stratosphere tower for more photos and a celebratory drink. Unfortunately, being responsible Helen had to stick to pop because…

Life: … She and Mike are having a baby!

On the day before the wedding, we trundled around Las Vegas doing all the necessary last-minute jobs and bureaucratic stuff. The highlight of the day, however, was accompanying the happy couple for an ultrasound of their unborn child.

Upon arrival at the clinic, we were ushered into a room that was approaching a cinema, with a huge wall-filling screen and comfy seating for about 30. All it needed was some popcorn. On the screen we watched Mike and Helen’s baby wriggle around, for the most part stubbornly keeping its back to us. It did cooperate just long enough for us to determine she’s a girl! It was all very exciting.

Scarily, Helen topped off this incredible and personal experience by asking Sue and I to be godparents to the little person we’d just seen on the screen. Of course, we were honoured to say ‘yes’… Although, having known us both for several years, you’d think the parents would want to give their child a better start in life than lumbering her with us before she’s even born!

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2 Responses to A day, a year, a lifetime & a life

  1. Lori Lorenz-Vasey says:

    Congratulations to all! Mike and Helen for their marriage and baby. Rich and Sue for 86 in a day (thanks guys) and their one year streak completed; whoo-hoo. Can’t wait to meet the new gnome and of course hear all about your adventures.

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