Giving back on Earth Day

Phyllis – You know that Sunday was Earth Day, right?

Jaspa – Of course. I was with you.

P – Well it got me thinking about all the incredible places we’ve been, together and separately. We’ve seen and done so many wonderful things, had so many great adventures and and met so many fantastic people.

At the Grand Canyon

J – We really have.

P – I mean, how many countries have you visited? Twenty something? Plus you must have been to over three-quarters of the states and provinces in the USA and Canada.

J – Sounds about right. And you’re catching up fast!


P – We’re really lucky, you know… you, me, Bisckits and the gang.

J – I know. Not bad for a bunch of pint-sized Ses, is it?

P – And how many humans see as much of the World in a lifetime as we’ve seen in the last few years, do you suppose?

Exploring Pompeii

J – Life’s one big Journey. The Earth’s an incredible place, that’s for sure. And there’s still so much more to see!

P – That’s my point.

J – Rich always says it’s going to take him 7½ lifetimes to see everything he wants to see.

P – I know what he means.

J – The funny thing is, the more places I go, the more I want to see.

P – Exactly. I can’t see either of us ever being done with travelling. Can you see us settling down and playing golf at the weekends?

J – Ha! There’s more chance of us becoming cheese miners on the Moon!

P – Now there’s a thought…

J – So where’s all this leading?

P – I guess I just worry about the World sometimes.

J – There are a lot of crazy things among the wonderful, that’s for sure.

P – But things like Shiloh and Ed’s Earth Day event at the weekend give me some hope that maybe people will be able to sort things out in the end. [Shiloh and Ed are Phyllis’s occasional guardians.]

J – I meant to ask, actually… Do you know how many people were there in the end?

KW area geocachers giving back on Earth Day (photo courtesy of Ed Schmidt)

P – More than a hundred local geocachers, I think. All there to celebrate how wonderful the World is by planting over 500 trees. It made me really happy, and perhaps a little sad.

J – Sad? But it was good thing, wasn’t it?

Sue & Lori planting a tree

P – Of course!… I just wish we’d been able to plant a tree or two, that’s all.

J – Unfortunately, we’re a bit small for tree planting.

P – Who are you calling small? I’m a good half inch taller than you, mister!

J – Fair point! And that’s Mister Journeyer, to you!

P – Seriously though, it just reminded me how lucky we are, being able to see as much of the World as we do. And it would have been nice to have been able to do something on Earth Day.


J – I know what you mean, but I guess everyone has to figure out their own way to give back. Even us Ses. And not just on Earth Day.



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1 Response to Giving back on Earth Day

  1. s296 says:

    Tree planting is always a great way to spend Earth Day – at least this year we had sunshine! 🙂

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