Going Digital


It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog, which I know is a big ‘do not’ in blogland. I apologise for this, but it’s been a hectic few months. To be honest, it’s still hectic, but I thought it was nevertheless time I got my act back together.

“So, what have you been up to, Jaspa?” I hear you ask. “What has taken you away from your blogging responsibilities for so long?”

Well, firstly, we were away on our latest Journey for much of June, but I intend to get to that over the next few weeks. Secondly, Rich has been doing a lot of editing recently, correcting other people’s work (mainly scientific stuff that’s all Greek to me) so it too can be published. This has unfortunately meant he hasn’t had the time to help me with my typing, and when you’re only three inches tall, it’s much easier to get someone else to work the keyboard while you dictate!

The new cover for Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration, created by Brad Hughes

But our biggest project by far, has been getting Jaspa’s Journey ready to enter the digital age!

As you may know, our publisher (DreamCatcher) closed earlier this year, when the owner sadly passed away. Hopefully we’ll find another traditional publisher before too long, but in the meantime we decided to release Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration as an ebook!

To celebrate this bold new venture, we had Hollywood artist Brad Hughes design a brilliant new cover. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the colours of the old design, but I think you’ll agree the new one is much more exciting.

The Great Migration is now available in at least seven different file formats, so it’s compatible for any e-reader, tablet, smartphone, computer… you name it! So, click on the link below (or go to your favourite ebook store) and download your copy of The Great Migration right this minute.

Perhaps even more exciting is that Brad is currently putting the finishing touches on the cover for Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London, which should finally be available by the end of the month.

And if that wasn’t already enough, Rich is hard at work (between editing jobs) on a Jaspa’s Journey short story (although the way it’s looking, it’ll probably end up as a novella), Jaspa’s Waterloo, which is going to be available FREE OF CHARGE!

Right enough, it’s going to be an exciting few months for Jaspa’s Journey!

About Jaspa

Star of my own award-winning adventure novels, Jaspa's Journey. Geocaching addict & F1 fan. Adventure Journeyer & blogger extraordinaire. Check out my website: www.jaspasjourney.com And don’t forget to download the books and see what the buzz is all about!
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5 Responses to Going Digital

  1. s296 says:

    Glad to see you blogging again Jaspa! Your fans have missed you. We’ll be looking forward to tales of your travel and adventures in the coming weeks. Keep up the good work! Glad to hear that Jaspa 2 is finally going to hit the virtual shelves!!

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Rich, just downloaded your latest ebook of Jaspa from Kobo. My grandson will love it.

  3. Jaspa says:

    Thanks Jim, I hope he enjoys it! The Pride of London should be available in a few weeks.

  4. obiddy33 says:

    Glad to see you are back from your travels, Jaspa, Looking forward to reading about your latest adventures!

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