Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London

The Pride of London by Rich Meyrick

Last week’s blog included a ‘deleted scene’ from Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London. This week I’m excited to announce the official release of the finished book in electronic form.

The Pride of London – the first sequel to Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration – is now available from major ebook retailers for all types of ebook reader (Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook, Sony etc.). Click on the Books page above, or visit my website, for more details.

The Great Migration takes place on the wild plains of Africa’s Serengeti, where I call home. This time around things couldn’t be more different, as my friends and I get caught up in a whirlwind tour of London, attempting to solve the riddles of The Path, in order to help our new friend Ernest – a Ratses – become a member of a secret Ses society known simply as The Pride. (There’s a longer plot summary at the end of the blog.)

The Great Migration was first published by DreamCatcher Publishing back in March 2009. By the end of 2011, the print version had sold out two print runs (as well as being short-listed for an award) and The Pride of London was ready to go.

Unfortunately, everything changed when DreamCatcher sadly closed its doors earlier this year. We hope to find a new publisher and see print versions of both books before too long, but the publishing business is notoriously slow. So in the meantime, we decided to release The Great Migration and The Pride of London as ebooks. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Outside the Tower of London, near Traitor’s Gate

Synopsis – Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London

Ernest is a Ratses.

A Ratses on a mission…

Or, more accurately, a Quest!

For Ernest’s greatest desire is to become a member of the clandestine Ses society known as The Pride. But first he must walk The Path – a secret route that weaves its complicated way through London, gradually revealed by a series of demanding riddles.

From their new home in Edinburgh, Jaspa and his friends travel to the bright lights of London. On their very first morning in the British capital, they discover Ernest, half frozen at the top of the Monument. As they thaw him out in a nearby coffee shop, Ernest explains all about the Pride and the Path.

It’s immediately obvious to Jaspa that the enthusiastic Ratses is incredibly clever, in a naive and absent-minded kind of way, but the fact he’s been stuck up the Monument for over 2 days makes it equally clear that his practical skills are woefully lacking. All in all, Jaspa reckons that the tiny Ratses should have no trouble solving the Path’s clues, but following the instructions hidden within them… Well, that’s another matter!

Unable to leave Ernest to face his colossal trial alone, Jaspa and Co. agree to help. Together they embark upon a whirlwind tour of London, following the Path’s riddles from famous landmarks to parts of the city most tourists never see. Along the way they encounter Mad, a wily street Catses with nothing but scorn for the Pride. When Mad starts to shadow our group of tiny adventurers, her motives remain unclear, and her comments alternate between helpful and disparaging.

Yet something feels wrong with the Path. It’s almost as if it’s designed not only to be challenging, but absolutely impossible. Literally!

As the clock ticks down, Jaspa, Ernest and the others rush towards their final goal… And the surprising revelations that await them at the Path’s ultimate destination.

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Star of my own award-winning adventure novels, Jaspa's Journey. Geocaching addict & F1 fan. Adventure Journeyer & blogger extraordinaire. Check out my website: www.jaspasjourney.com And don’t forget to download the books and see what the buzz is all about!
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