Carbon Footprints: Tread Gently

Snowmobiling with some friends (L-R: Portia, Gravee, Bisckits and me)

Snowmobiling with some friends (L-R: Portia, Gravee, Bisckits and me)

I was just re-reading my brother Bisckits’ guest blog ‘Drive It Like a Rental’ from last week, about the fun we had racing through the woods of Wisconsin on snowmobiles. And it got me thinking about carbon footprints.

On the one hand, I love to travel the world and embark on all kinds of adventures. The result, I have to admit, is an enormous carbon footprint, especially for a creature only three inches tall!

carbon footprint logoOn the other hand (or perhaps that should be foot), I’m also aware of our planet and the effect I have upon it. And I attempt to recycle and conserve energy as much as I can, even while travelling.

You might argue that, if I was truly committed to protecting the environment, I wouldn’t use airplanes, or even cars for that matter. And I should definitely stay far away from snowmobiles! But what’s the point of saving the planet we live on, and then failing to actually experience it. There is so much to see and do on the Earth, and I don’t want to miss a thing!

So my friends and I do all that we can for the future of the environment, as often as we can. Rich and Sue drive a small, fuel-efficient car at home and most places we go. That being said, when weather or terrain are likely to be an issue – like heading off to Wisconsin in search of the snow – it’s only sensible to hire an appropriate vehicle.

Earth recycling logoAt home (and on the road, wherever possible), we recycle everything we can. We turn the heat down at night. No lights get left on when there’s nobody in the room. Instead of throwing the shampoo bottle or toilet roll core into the bathroom garbage, we spend the extra three seconds to put it in the recycling box downstairs. It’s all easy stuff, and really not that much effort, once you get into the habit.

There are folks who are unable or reluctant to explore the world themselves, for whatever reason. I hope that by sharing my stories and experiences with them (both through this blog and the Jaspa’s Journey books), I offset my carbon footprint that little bit more.

Hopefully, this all means I’ve earned a little credit with Mother Earth, and can go off on my adventures relatively guilt-free.

Artist's impression of the Chickulub impact that killed off the dinosaurs

Artist’s impression of the Chicxulub impact that killed off the dinosaurs

You might be surprised to learn I don’t do all this to Save the Planet. The truth is, the Earth has already survived much worse than what we’re currently doing to it (although that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned by our actions). Just take the asteroid that, 65 million years ago, smashed into what is now Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, causing all sorts of global uproar and wiping out the dinosaurs.

Instead, I try to be environmentally responsible for the sake of all of us that call this big, orbiting rock home – especially the humans and Ses. Because, while the Earth will survive almost anything we throw at it, the creatures that live on it – including us – are another matter.

dinosaur deadJust ask the dinosaurs.

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  1. mukhamani says:

    Yes all of us can do something to help make our planet a better place. Thank you, Lakshmi Bhat

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