First Draft

IMG_1076It’s been a very exciting week for me, because on Thursday Rich completed the first full draft of Jaspa’s Journey 3!!

That’s a huge step, but there’s still a lot of work to be done before the manuscript can emerge as an ebook for everyone to download (for free!). Although it’s already been given Sue’s seal of approval, it now has to venture out into the world on its own, to be critiqued by a bunch of other people.

IMG_1069The resulting comments and suggestions could yet mean some dramatic changes to the story. For example, the whole ending of The Pride of London was rewritten after the editors got their hands on it.

“So where does the latest exciting instalment of Jaspa’s Journey take place?” I hear you ask. Well, if you’ve been diligently reading my blogs over the last few months, you’ll already know, of course.

IMG_1095But for those who are new to my blog, the photos throughout this posting were taken where the story is set. Do you recognise where that is? Here’s a hint for you: although the pictures show scenes of rural sleepiness, the events that took place there on June 18th, 1815, were far too exciting for all those involved.


In the meantime, Rich has already dusted off the start of what will now be Jaspa’s Journey 4: The Hermit of Kennecott, which is set in Alaska. (It was originally going to be #3, but got bumped.) The first part of that particular adventure is based on a real voyage we made on a cruise ship – the Celebrity Summit – through the famous Inside Passage in 2007.

The reason Rich hasn’t wasted any time getting back to The Hermit of Kennecott is because it just so happens we’ll be boarding the Summit once again in nine days time. This happy coincidence will give Rich an ideal opportunity to ensure he has all his details about the ship spot on. After all, getting the facts as accurate as possible is part of what makes Jaspa’s Journey unique.

As I said, the last time we were aboard the Summit, she took us to Alaska. This time we’re heading for more tropical waters. Be sure to come back over the next couple of weeks to find out where she’ll be taking us!

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4 Responses to First Draft

  1. alice rosenau says:

    Hi, I missed the beginning, only started lately and regret it.

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