What a Night!

We don’t usually pay much attention to weather forecasts. Whatever will be, will be, right? If the weather is bad, we just make the best of it. But occasionally you have to listen to what the weather reports have to say. And last night was one of those times.

We were supposed to drive the 70 miles (110 kilometres) to Toronto for a concert yesterday evening. But as we sat in the warm, listening to the freezing rain beating against the basement windows and the wind howling through the trees, we were all glad we’d taken the forecasters’ advice and stayed home.

Marty the scaredy-pup

Marty the scaredy-pup

Not that our night was without incident. At about 2.30 am we were all rudely awoken by the high-pitched beeping of the alarm system, which was panicking because the power had gone out. While most of us found this understandably annoying, Marty (Rich and Sue’s Jack Russell terrier) was terrified.

Marty finally settled down, only to be set off again, less than an hour later, by another series of ear-piercing shrieks from the alarm. This time it was unhelpfully informing the entire house (and probably half the neighbourhood) that power had come back on, only to go immediately off again.

If we’d needed any more convincing that staying home last night had been the right decision, the view outside this morning did the trick. Everything was covered in a layer of ice at least a quarter-inch thick… grass, trees, cars, walls… everything.

Ice covered branches

Ice covered branches

Prison of icicles on the car

Prison of icicles on the car

Beneath the big maple trees in the backyard it looked like someone had been smashing bottles. The grass was covered with shards of ice, shattered off the branches above as they were tossed around by the wind. And quite a few of those branches were among the debris.

Ice shards beneath the maples

Ice shards beneath the maples

As I write, the ice is melting, and the rain (the non-freezing kind) is falling steadily. The whole of southern Ontario is already flooded, since the ground – saturated by recently melted snow – can’t absorb any more water. Unsurprisingly then, our lawn is now a swamp.

Grand River floods (photo by Ted Spieker)

Grand River floods (photo by Ted Spieker)

To top it all, the power outage seems to have caused the water softener to have a fit and flood part of the laundry room, and the kitchen roof is leaking. (Anyone know a good handyman?!)

And Marty’s still not keen to go outside!

Five buckets in a row...

Five buckets in a row…

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2 Responses to What a Night!

  1. Randy Reaume says:

    Hey Rich ummmJaspa
    I feel ya. I am in Guelph waiting for a dispatch. Very nasty weather indeed. Too late for the handyman he is now transformed into a man of the highways and byways. I do offer my heartfelt condolences toward your circumstance. As for the alarm is it not a brilliant way to ensure it works.(smiles).

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