Robin’s Nest (Part III)

Summary: The nests are empty and the eggs are gone, it seems without ever hatching. 😦

Robin on the second nest

Robin on the second nest

I discovered something wonderful two weeks ago, just after I wrote the last instalment on springtime activity in our yard… a second pair of robins were building another nest in a small tree right outside. That made it at least four bird nurseries in our garden alone: two belonging to robins, one to chickadees and one to sparrows.


I’ve been looking forward to telling you about the eggs hatching. About the scrawny, fuzzy chicks and their ravenous appetites. About their first steps from the nest, their first flights and about that happy/sad moment when they leave home and fly away.

Chickadee's silent nesting box

Chickadee’s silent nesting box

Sadly, I’m not going to get to do any of that. Not this year, in any case.

We’ve been being careful to keep away from the nests, so as not to disturb the would-be parents. Yet it’s been well over a week since we last saw any of the adult birds around, and there’s been no sign or sound of any hatchlings. So this morning I went out to check on the nests.





Original robin's nest, with no eggs or chicks

Original robin’s nest, with no eggs or chicks

I can’t speak for the sparrow nest, hidden as it is in one of our spruce trees. But the birdhouse that the chickadees had made their home is silent, and the two robin nests are empty and cold. No eggs. No baby birds.



Forlorn second robin's nest

Forlorn second robin’s nest

The lack of even eggshell remains suggest the robin nests may have been poached by a predator. I guess it’s part of the whole circle of life thing, but it still makes me sad.


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3 Responses to Robin’s Nest (Part III)

  1. s296 says:

    So sad. Especially the chickadees. It was so nice to see activity in the birdhouse.

  2. You are right, it is sad to see.

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