Charlie’s Angels

We’ve had a new addition to our household this week; a West Highland White Terrier named Charlie. Gravee has managed to dodge writing anything for my blog until now, but I felt he’d be the perfect one to tell you about it. Happily, he agreed…

Jaspa an' mahself (taken somewhere between Britain an' France on th' Channel Tunnel train)

Jaspa an’ mahself (taken somewhere between Britain an’ France on th’ Channel Tunnel train)

Aye, well it’s been a bit o’ a happy-sad time for mah new pal, Charlie. Sad ‘cause his folks o’ 11 years are huvin’ tae move back tae Britain ‘cause o’ a family emergency. Even sadder ‘cause, due tae circumstances beyond their control, they’re nae able tae take wee Charlie wi’ them.

The happy part o’ th’ tale is that, thanks tae Westies in Need, Charlie’s Ma an’ Pa huv foond him a new hame… Wi’ us!

Charlie relaxin'

Charlie relaxin’

We all met Charlie last week, but he officially came tae live wi’ us jist two days ago, on Tuesday. O’ course, it’s a difficult time for th’ puir wee laddie. He’s clearly missin’ his family somethin’ rotten (an’ I ken they’re missin’ him, tae). But mah canine compatriots (Crumpet an’ Marty) an’ mahself are daein’ all we can tae make Charlie reit welcome in his new hame.

Bein’ a Westie himself,  it goes withoot sayin’ that Crumpet (a.k.a. The Toad) is a braw wee dog, an’ a gentle soul. Marty (a.k.a. Spooky) is a Jack Russell Terrier, sae ye ken he’ll help take Charlie’s mind off things wi’ all his runnin’ aboot nonsense!

Nae doot, it’ll take Charlie a wee bit o’ time afore he gets used tae his new hame. But I ken he’ll be happy here, once he settles doon.

Crumpet (left) an' his new pal Charlie

Crumpet (left) an’ his new pal Charlie

Charlie an' Marty watchin' th' world go by

Charlie an’ Marty watchin’ th’ world go by

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4 Responses to Charlie’s Angels

  1. Kathleen DeNike says:

    Thank you so much for sharing pictures of Charlie and his new forever home and surroundings! He is a sweetheart and I am so happy that he found you folks! We met Charlie a couple of weeks ago, and he got along very well with our (3) Westies, and my neighbours Westie. But because I already have (3) Westie’s, I was unable to keep him myself — or, I would have. He is precious! Wishing all of you the very best with your new addition!

    • Jaspa says:

      Thanks for your comment, Kathleen. I know Gravee is planning to keep everyone up to date with Charlie’s progress from time to time!

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