Westies In Need, But Charlie Isnae

Me, Jaspa, Charlie an' Crumpet

Me, Jaspa, Charlie an’ Crumpet

Hallo there. It’s Gravee here agin, wi’ an update on mah wee pal, Charlie.

In case yers missed mah last post here on Jaspa’s blog thingy, Charlie is a Westie. He came tae live wi’ us aboot a month back, when his family had tae move back tae England. I ken he still misses his old maw and paw, but otherwise he’s settlin’ in nicely. He’s already picked up on th’ routine in his new hame, an’ seems reit happy, considerin’. An’ as far as Crumpet an’ Marty are concerned, he’s already one o’ th’ gang.

Takin' it easy wi' Charlie, Crumpet an' Marty

Takin’ it easy wi’ Charlie, Crumpet an’ Marty

Charlie an' his new stylist, Ronda

Charlie an’ his new stylist, Ronda

Nae lang after he arrived, Charlie went tae meet th’ braw folk at Close Vet Clinic. Dr Bob (a fine laddie, being a fan of the Jaspa’s Journey books as he is, ye ken) gave th’ wee chap a reit good check up, an’ Ronda treated him tae a bonnie new haircut.

Sue learned aboot Charlie thanks tae Westies In Need. So when we heard they were havin’ a fund raisin’ event nearby last weekend, we had tae take him an’ Crumpet tae say hallo. Marty tagged along as well, o’ coorse. We met loads o’ braw people, an’ Crumpet an’ Charlie did their bit tae help less fortunate Westies by volunteering tae huv a bath. Becky and Ian did a greit job, but tae me honest, I’m nae sure Crumpet an’ Charlie would huv ‘volunteered’ if they’d had a choice!

Crumpet: This isn't dignified

Crumpet: This isn’t dignified

Charlie: Gulp!

Charlie: Gulp!

Charlie's turn for a scrub from Becky an' Ian

Charlie’s turn for a scrub from Becky an’ Ian

Crumpet: Not so funny now, is it?

Crumpet: Not so funny now, is it?

Dryin' off in th' sun

Dryin’ off in th’ sun

On a less happy note, mah heart wis fair broken this mornin’ when I heard on th’ radio that 83 dogs, many o’ them Westies, were found in horrific conditions last week in a house nae far from where we live, I’m ashamed tae say. Th’ puir wee dogs had nae runnin’ water, an’ had tae lie in their own filth tae keep cool durin’ th’ heat wave we’ve bin huvin’ (click here tae read a local newspaper article, if yers can stomach it).

Fortunately, th’ dogs were rescued by th’ Cambridge an’ District Humane Society, who I reckon deserve medals! O’ coorse, they’re noo swamped wi’ pups, many o’ them quite poorly. Reit noo th’ Humane Society desperately needs blankets an’ stuff, an’ eventually they’ll be lookin’ for new hames for th’ dogs. Please contact them if yers can help at all.

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2 Responses to Westies In Need, But Charlie Isnae

  1. The look on Charlie’s face before the bath is priceless. That is a terrible story about the 83 dogs. I hope they all find happy homes.

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