Rome Through A Keyhole

I’m keeping it nice and simple for this week’s photo challenges, with a single image. I was trying to think how to combine Illuminated, given to us this week by Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack?, and Window, provided by the Daily Post.

I could think of loads of photos for each one separately, but was struggling to find images that embodied both. Then, as I was walking through Rich and Sue’s dining room, I looked up at a frame on the wall…

St Peter'sThe Illuminated part of the composition is obvious. And the arch of the manicured hedge makes a perfect Window, framing the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. But hidden from the viewer is the fact that this photograph was actually taken through a keyhole in a heavy iron gate, at least an inch and a half thick. So you could say, we’re looking at the Vatican through two Windows.

And us unlikely as it may sound, except for resizing, I promise that this picture is completely untouched by Photoshop or the like. Admittedly, it took Rich a few tries to get a shot he was happy with. Here are some of his less successful attempts (also warts and all):


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