Italy in Black & White… Mostly

As I said in my post on Sunday, Rich doesn’t often alter his photos beyond cropping and a bit of contrast enhancement. But occasionally he will dabble with Black & White, as was the case after our trip to Italy (among other places) in 2010.

In each of the following photos, we felt something in the original colours distracted from the subject, so I got Rich to convert the offending articles to Black & White. Although sometimes he didn’t go the whole way. And since it’s Italy, arches abound!

Courtyard of the Palazzo Publico (the town hall), Sienna

IMG_2250Although the reds of the bricks are nice, the dull grey sky and green water stains down the tower spoil the original

Siena (8x12)

The Colosseum, Rome

IMG_1972In the flat, overcast light, the colours of the crowd’s clothing draw the eye too much, and for some inexplicable reason make the photo look like it dates from the 1970s! (click here for more photos of my visit to the Colosseum)

Colosseum (8x12)

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

IMG_2308Again, the strong colours at the tower’s base demand too much attention, but Rich left the red flag at its summit (because Sue really liked it)

Pisa - red flag

Pompeii and Vesuvius

IMG_2042Yet again, the colourful group of visitors right in the centre of the photography was too intense, but the more subtle hues of Vesuvius and the sky were quite pleasant, so Rich converted the foreground to Black & White, while leaving the background alone

Pompeii (8x12)

This post was inspired by the themes Black & White, from Cee of Cee’s Photography, and Arches, from Sue of A Word in Your Ear.

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11 Responses to Italy in Black & White… Mostly

  1. Heyjude says:

    Black and white works well for old buildings especially those with interesting shapes and angles. I’d have upped the contrast maybe on a few of them, but that’s only my opinion 😉
    BTW I spotted your cousin in Kirkcudbright hiding in the bushes:
    hee hee…

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    I like our last one with selective color. These are great!

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  7. Sue Slaght says:

    Wonderful to see these photos of some spots we are headed to soon! The black and white works well with the age of the architecture.

  8. I liked the splash of color you added to these. Makes me excited about my trip to Italy next year. 🙂

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