Jaspa Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice BucketI have to admit that I was caught a little off guard on Tuesday, when an American friend of mine, Katherine, nominated me to take part in the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge. I mean, I expected that Rich and Sue’s names would come up sooner or later, but not for a second did I suspect that someone would challenge me personally.

So, how could I say no?!



Before the current campaign, I for one was more-or-less unfamiliar with ALS. I’d vaguely heard of it by its other name, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but I didn’t really know what it was. Now, thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, I’m much better informed. So are millions like me. The money raised means we’re that much closer to curing this debilitating disease. And we all had a bit of fun in the process. Amazing!

Yet over the last week or two, there’s been some criticism of the Ice Bucket Challenge’s success. An uncharitable few – no pun intended – claim that ALS doesn’t affect enough people to warrant the attention and donations it’s been getting. It all sounds like sour grapes to me. Let them tell those suffering from ALS, or with loved-ones affected by it, that there are more ‘worthy’ charities. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Whether you’re for it or against it, you have to admit that whoever came up with the Ice Bucket Challenge is a marketing genius. I wish I had someone like that helping me promote the Jaspa’s Journey books!

If you watched the video above you’ll know that after completing the Ice Bucket Challenge myself, in turn nominated my fellow Jaspa’s Journey characters. And I’m proud to say, they stepped up:

I also nominated all my followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr… and WordPress. Which means you!

I’d love it if anyone who accepts this nomination, or who has already completed the Ice Bucket Challenge, would post a link to their own video in the comments section below, so I can add them to this post. To get the ball rolling, here’s Rich and Sue’s offering:

And don’t forget to donate!

While you’re cooking up original ways to take part in the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge, why not sign up and follow my continuing Journeys here at Jaspa’s Journal, or through my websiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr?

And if that’s not enough for you, there are now three Jaspa’s Journey novels to enjoy as ebooks! Perfect for Kids 8 – 80!

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