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Manta Fish Market, Ecuador

It was fitting that our first stop upon arriving in Manta, Ecuador, was a place that many locals frequent every morning. The only way to get fish fresher than at the fish market in Manta is to go out and … Continue reading

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Sewell, Chile: UNESCO World Heritage Ghost Town

If, like me, you’re fascinated by ghost towns, then Sewell is the place for you. Located around 7200 feet high in the Andes Mountains, Sewell began as a miners camp in 1905 serving the El Teniente mine, reputedly the largest … Continue reading

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Boston Bay, Jamaica – Home of Jerk Cooking

One of the best things about travelling for me, is getting to try local foods. Almost every trip we go on adds a new recipe (or at least the foundation of a recipe) to our list of everyday staple meals … Continue reading

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The Edinburgh One O’clock Gun

During a trip to Paris in 1846, Edinburgh native John Hewitt was both surprised and impressed by a gun that fired everyday at noon, by which people checked their watches. He immediately decided the Scottish capital needed something similar. Despite … Continue reading

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Chan Chan, Peru: The World’s Greatest Adobe City

The great city of Chan Chan was once the capital of the Chimú Kingdom in what is now Northern Peru. Estimates on how many people lived at Chan Chan vary wildly, from as few as 20,000 to as many as … Continue reading

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The Day I Met Justin Wilson

Today is a sad, sad day. In fact, it breaks my heart to write this post. Because today one of my heroes, the racing driver Justin Wilson, was laid to rest. He was just 37 years old. In 2003, Rich … Continue reading

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Touching the Rays at Tropicana Field, Florida

When I say “Touching the Rays”, I don’t mean the baseball players! Well, not usually, anyway. But anyone who has ever been to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, or watched a Tampa Bay Rays game on TV, will know of … Continue reading

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