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Cartagena, Colombia: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Forget your candy and chocolate, for me a real treat is exploring somewhere new. And if that somewhere happens to be a far-flung UNESCO World Heritage Site, then so much the better! After a fantastic treat in the form of … Continue reading

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Rio Camuy Caves, Puerto Rico

Deep below the surface of northern Puerto Rico, lie the impressive Rio Camuy Caves. Formed over millions of years by the Rio Camuy subterranean river, the third longest underground river in the world, the caves really are sight not to … Continue reading

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Lunar Fashions at Kennedy Space Center

In the culmination of the Apollo space program, between July 1969 and December 1972, NASA landed six manned missions on the Moon. After being blasted into space in tiny, cramped Command Modules that sat like hats atop Saturn V rockets, … Continue reading

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The Murals of Valparaiso, Chile

I briefly mentioned the murals that adorn several of the buildings in the UNESCO World Heritage district of Valparaiso in a previous blog. But this time I’d like to focus on the Graffiti and Murals themselves. Admittedly, much of the … Continue reading

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The Artisans of Lurín, Peru

We managed cram a lot of cool stuff into our two days in Lima, the capital of Peru. Of course, we took in Lima’s UNESCO World Heritage Historic Centre and the amazing ruins of Pachacámac. But thanks to our guides … Continue reading

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Crossing The Equator Off Ecuador

The Equator is one of the World’s universal boundaries, and one of the few that doesn’t have any kind of baggage attached. The first time I crossed the Equator with Rich and Sue was on our flight down to South … Continue reading

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