Seattle Space Needle

For me, the Space Needle in Seattle looks like a spaceship balanced on top of a telecommunications antenna, and more than a little bit like a War of the Worlds tripod. And I love it!

IMG_8110 (stitch)Despite now being more than half a century old, the Space Needle still retains that futuristic feel I’m sure the designers had in mind. It was built in just 12 months for the 1962 World’s Fair, from a design that started off as a doodle on a paper placemat.

IMG_8109 IMG_3724 IMG_3707At the time of construction, the Space Needle was the tallest building in western North America. Unsurprisingly then, the views from the top are terrific!

Downtown Seattle and the harbour

Downtown Seattle and the harbour

Seattle waterfront

Seattle waterfront

Looking west towards the Olympic Mountains (thanks to Seattle Park Lover for correcting my earlier blunder!)

Looking west towards the Olympic Mountains (thanks to Seattle Park Lover for correcting my earlier blunder!)

I’m fortunate enough to have been to Seattle, and up the Space Needle, on two separate occasions, five years apart. Can you spot which photos belong to each visit?

IMG_8122This post was inspired by this week’s photo challenges Future from Jen of The Daily Post and Balance from Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack?

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12 Responses to Seattle Space Needle

  1. Looks awesome – I have never been up the Space Needle. I guess it just means I need to get to Seattle!

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  3. Haven’t seen that for years. We always like to call it the Space Noodle. 🙂


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