House of Gargoyles, Santiago, Chile

While wandering around the Chilean capital of Santiago one morning last spring, we chanced across a fun and historic building called Casa de las Gárgolas:  the House of Gargoyles!

DSC_0659I’ve always loved gargoyles, so this was a fun discovery. Living up to its name, the building is absolutely covered in grotesque mythic beasts.

DSC_0661From what we could make out from a plaque (in Spanish) on the outside of the building, it was constructed in 1929 by an architect named Eduardo Costabal Zegers. The sign goes on to say (I think!) that the house has a medieval feel thanks to the Neo-Gothic style used in its design. All the gargoyles certainly support this conclusion.

DSC_0662The plaque states the building includes arches, stained glass windows, plus elements of wrought iron, stucco, wood and stone. But at the end of the day, it’s really all about the gargoyles!

DSC_0660Casa de las Gárgolas was declared a National Historic Monument in 2001. And is today fittingly the home of Chile’s Council of National Monuments

DSC_0663This post was inspired by the photo theme of Face from Cheri of The Daily Post.

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3 Responses to House of Gargoyles, Santiago, Chile

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    I love gargoyles! This house of gargoyles is really interesting! Thanks for posting the photos!

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