The Day I Met Justin Wilson

For the second year running, I find myself at the Indy 500, which is very exciting.

But today is tinged with sadness. On this day last year I was lucky enough to meet one of my racing heroes, Justin Wilson, who was killed by flying debris just three months later.

RIP #BadAssWilson

Jaspa's Journal

Today is a sad, sad day. In fact, it breaks my heart to write this post. Because today one of my heroes, the racing driver Justin Wilson, was laid to rest. He was just 37 years old.

In 2003, Rich had already been a fan of Formula 1 for years, but Sue and I were just getting started. As it happened, our introduction to the sport coincided with the arrival of a talented young British driver called Justin Wilson.

Justin began that year with the Minardi team, the minnows of the Formula 1 pond, before being promoted to Jaguar towards the end of the season.

Justin getting into his Minardi at the 2003 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix Justin getting into his Minardi at the 2003 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Perhaps because we shared our ‘Rookie Season’ in F1, Justin Wilson left a lasting impression on me. And even though 2003 would prove to be his only year in Formula 1, I…

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