Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island

Confederation Bridge spans the narrowest point of the Northumberland Strait, but is still eight miles long. In fact, this resilient structure claims to be the longest bridge crossing ice-covered water in the World.


Confederation Bridge from Borden-Carleton, PEI

No ice at this time of year (May, 2009)

No ice at this time of year (May, 2009)

It was constructed between 1993 and 1997, to connect Prince Edward Island to mainland Canada. It makes landfall on Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick, close to the Nova Scotia border.


Confederation Bridge from Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick

Many of the Confederation Bridge’s pieces were actually built on land, close to the bridge site, before being transported to their final locations and hoisted into place.

img_2329The bridge’s 65 pillars raise most of the structure 130 feet above the surface of the sea, although part of the Confederation Bridge is almost 200 feet above the waves, to allow larger ships to pass beneath.


The higher part of the bridge is clearly visible in the centre of this photo

This post was inspired by the photo themes of Resilient and Crossing from The Daily Post and Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

With some friends at Confederation Bridge

With some friends at Confederation Bridge

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6 Responses to Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Marvelous. Great photos. 😀

  2. Beautiful photos! I got a bit nervous crossing that bridge, gave me the chills haha

  3. jmacindoe says:

    Wonderful shot! I was there this past summer – such a magical place!

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