Sam’s Ses Challenge #2: Monument

Welcome to Sam’s Ses Challenge. I hope you’ll join in.

My good friend Sam McRae, one of the main human characters in the Jaspa’s Journey books, loves photography. It was Sam who brought to my attention the relatively common habit among humans of taking photos on their travels of what they think are small plush toys.

I’m here to tell you that most of these people are mistaken, since the majority of them aren’t photographing plush creatures at all, but Ses like me. This makes those particular photographers Seers, whether they realize it or not – people who can see Ses, like Sam’s brother Ben.

Every weekend, Sam and I will pick a word or phrase as the theme for that week. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post something Ses-related that you think fits with that week’s challenge. Your contribution can be anything you want, a photograph, a short story… anything.

Sam’s Ses Challenge this week is Monument. Here’s my contribution:

The 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan includes the names of all the victims of the September 2001 attacks. It's one of the most moving and impressive monuments I've ever visited.

The 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan includes the names of all the victims of the September 2001 attacks.
It’s one of the most moving and impressive monuments I’ve ever visited.

The fun will be focused here on my blog, but feel free to play along on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Just be sure to link back to the challenge on whichever media you choose, to be sure Sam and I get to see it.

This week’s Sam’s Ses Challenge was itself partially inspired by the photo theme Names from The Daily Post.



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