Going Gently Bananas in the Caribbean

What could be more Free and Easy than chilling in the shade of a Caribbean banana plant?

And thankfully, there’s lots of them to choose from, on every island you visit. Of course, the reason for bananas being so Prolific in the Caribbean is the Heritage of banana plantations.

Some of these plantations focus solely on the bananas.

Row upon row of bananas

While others combine them with other crops.

Coffee and bananas cohabiting in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains

For a long time the heritage of these plantations was one of slavery. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Modern banana plantation on St Lucia (the plastic bags apparently stop spiders getting to the bananas… shudder!)

But getting back to the Free and Easy…

I’ve relaxed beneath banana plants in Jamaica.

Blue Mountain bananas in Jamaica

I’ve unwound under banana plants on Dominica.

Spreading banana leaves in Dominica

I’ve taken it easy among banana plants on Grenada.

Banana plant and flower on Grenada

I’ve snoozed below banana plants on St Lucia.

Free and Easy on St Lucia

The only problem is…. I don’t like bananas!

Roadside stall on Grenada

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This post was inspired by the photo themes of Prolific from Krista of The Daily Post and Free and Easy from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. And don’t forget today is not only World Heritage Day, but also Banana Day!


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3 Responses to Going Gently Bananas in the Caribbean

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Excellent post and photos.

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