The Hermit of Kennecott – Now Available!

Wow! I was shocked to see how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog. I guess I must have been waiting for some really big news, so here it is…

Jaspa’s Journey 4: The Hermit of Kennecott, the brand new release in the award-winning middle-grade adventure travel series Jaspa’s Journey, is now available in both paperback and ebook formats!

Pretty huge, huh?

Although Rich began working on the story 13 years ago, I think you’ll agree that the timing of its publication is kind of spooky. Check out the synopsis…

The Mammothses’ Curse has struck!

In 1918, a deadly epidemic known as the Spanish Flu swept around the World, killing millions. The human version of the virus was eventually wiped out, but the Ses Flu – known to some as the Mammothses’ Curse – lingers on to this day.

Jaspa and his friends set out from Vancouver on an Alaskan Adventure. But when one of them comes down with a mysterious illness, this trip of a lifetime rapidly becomes a life and death race to find a cure.

The search leads them ever deeper into the Alaskan wilderness. To a ghost town abandoned almost a hundred years ago. And the one person who might be able to save their friend… An elusive Ses known simply as the Hermit.

If any teachers out there think that their classes would like to do a virtual book club with Rich over the summer based on The Hermit of Kennecott, drop me an email at

In the meantime, Stay Healthy!

Expand the minds of your children (and even yourself) by travelling the World with Jaspa’s Journey, the award-winning middle-grade adventure series! The first four – The Great Migration, The Pride of London, Jaspa’s Waterloo and The Hermit of Kennecott – are now available in both paperback and ebook formats. Click here for more information.

Jaspa’s Journey: Award-Winning Travel Adventures for Kids 9 – 90!

About Jaspa

Jaspa's Journey is a series of award-winning, travel-based adventure novels for strong middle grade readers by Rich Meyrick. Join the Adventure! Read the books! Follow Jaspa’s ongoing Journeys at Let's explore this amazing world together! And don’t forget to download the books and see what the buzz is all about!
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