A Question of Scale…

Every Jaspa’s Journey book takes place on a variety of scales. Zooming in, you have the individual places where particular events occur. This can be as small as a single room or, say, the viewing platform at the top of the Monument in London.

The viewing platform at the top of the Monument, where Jaspa and his friends first meet Ernest in The Pride of London (photo: Rich Meyrick)

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the area that covers the whole book. In The Great Migration and The Hermit of Kennecott, this respectively includes vast regions of Tanzania or Alaska. In Jaspa’s Waterloo, it’s a single historic (albeit a very large) battlefield in Belgium.

In terms of geographical scope, The Pride of London falls somewhere in between these extremes. But being set in a major city, it’s an area jam-packed with details and potential places for Jaspa and his friends to have adventures.

I always start planning a book at the ‘Big Picture’ end of this scale, ‘looking down’ from above with the help of a map. This is how I begin selecting locations where Jaspa’s latest adventure will play out. Where could Jaspa go? From this (hopefully) comes an idea for a central storyline that will tie the pieces together. Why is he moving about?

Map from Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London (drawn by Brad Hughes)

Of course, in this age of Google Earth and easily accessible satellite imagery, you can take the virtual ‘looking down’ to a whole new and more realistic level. You can focus in on the location where a specific event – or even the whole book – takes place. Even so, its extra special to do this with your own eyes, without the aid of a computer, tablet or phone.

When the wind is from the west, airliners approaching Heathrow airport often fly over the very heart of London. From such a flight, it’s possible see the whole of the area in which The Pride of London takes place in a single view. Focus more closely and you can see some of the individual locations from the book… like the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral… And if your really lucky and observant, you might even spot the viewing platform at the top of the Monument, where the story truly begins.

Central London on approach to Heathrow airport – the whole The Pride of London in one instant (photo: Rich Meyrick)

I fly into London once or twice a year, and always hope for a westerly wind. Because I never grow tired of seeing Jaspa’s adventures laid out below me!

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