Best Laid Plans

Writing a Jaspa’s Journey book is a time-consuming process. Especially since every morsel is absolutely real (except perhaps Jaspa himself). That kind of detail doesn’t come quickly. I have to research and fact-check every single piece of information I fold into a story, just as carefully as I did for anything I wrote as an environmental research scientist.

And then you have the editing.

And the re-editing!

Plus there’s always something trying (and far too often succeeding) to place the writing and editing firmly on the back burner. As a result, the weeks and months (and years) flow by, while the next Jaspa’s Journey book – currently The Ses Collector of Venice – seemingly gets no closer to completion. Or so it feels sometimes.

The Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Campanile (photo: Rich Meyrick)

The Ses Collector of Venice has grown in the writing. Since I first started planning and researching it, back in 2014, it’s transformed into not one, but two books! Probably.

The manuscript for the first book (working title – The Prisoner of Venice) is already complete and has been edited at least twice. The outline for the second book is also complete, and the fleshing-out of the story is coming along nicely. Yet, to be honest, there’s still quite a way to go.

That’s why I vowed that 2023 is going to be different. I decided it’s time to cut through all the noise, ignore the distractions, and get some serious writing under my belt. With the aim of finally finishing Jaspa’s Venetian adventures.

Jaspa & Ernest in the New Prisons, Venice (photo: Rich Meyrick)

Yet 2022 was barely in the record books, when my good intensions and resolutions hit a speedbump. With a close family member in hospital, I’ve had to return to the UK to help out. And my writing is once again on hold.

Oh, well. Is there such thing as a February resolution?

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