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Pelican Patrol Over Viña del Mar, Chile

The Roca Oceanica is located just north of Chile’s UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valparaiso. From its craggy slopes we saw this amazing flight of pelicans against the backdrop of the dramatic Dunas De Concón. Our local guide, Antonio, told … Continue reading

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Easter Island Moai

There are few more iconic historical objects than the Moai stone figures from Easter Island. They’re just something we all recognise. Unsurprisingly, this makes them extremely sought-after, which has led to several Moai (and many more Moai pieces) being removed … Continue reading

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Turning Back Time in Viña del Mar, Chile

I’ve seen several floral clocks over the years, most recently in Viña del Mar, Chile. What made that clock particularly memorable, is that we actually witnessed time going backwards! Check out the video below, if you don’t believe me… Thanks … Continue reading

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