Leaving On A Hairyplane!

It’s VERY early in the morning. Much too early to be up normally. 3 am in fact. But still, I am soooo excited!

Because in a couple of hours, we’ll be boarding a hairyplane (if you’ve read Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration, you’ll know where that name comes from) to…

Washington Dulles International Airport (photo from wikipedia)

Washington Dulles International Airport (photo from wikipedia)

…Washington Dulles International Airport.

But that’s not why I’m excited.

After an hour layover, we’ll be getting on another aeroplane, this time to…

Los Angeles International Airport (photo from movieplaces.tv)

Los Angeles International Airport (photo from movieplaces.tv)

…Los Angeles International Airport, a.k.a. LAX.

But that’s not why I’m excited.

After another two hour layover, we’ll be climbing aboard yet another plane. This one will be going to…

Lihue Airport (photo from wikipedia)

Lihue Airport (photo from wikipedia)

…Lihue Airport.

On the island of Kauai.

In Hawaii!!

THAT’S why I’m so excited!

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for such a long time. It’s Hawaii, after all. Need I say more? Who doesn’t want to go there?! And on top of that, it will complete our collection of US states. Just as Hawaii was the 50th state to become part of the USA, so it will become our 50th state visited.

During our stay, we’ll get to visit no less than five of the major Hawaiian islands. As usual, we’ll be trying to squeeze as much as possible into our three weeks. There won’t be much time for lazing around on beaches, that’s for sure! For the most part we’ll be exploring these Pacific paradises by car, seeing where our fancy and the geocaches take us.

But we do have one or two special highlights built into the plan, such as:

A biplane flight;

A donkey ride down some of the highest sea cliffs in the world to visit a former leper colony;

Swimming with turtles, dolphins and manta rays;

Ziplining (no surprise there!) over waterfalls;

Watching the sunrise from the summit of Haleakala;

A flight in a helicopter with no doors, over Volcanoes National Park;

A visit to Pearl Harbor;

And a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t even remember right now, because I’m too excited!

Be sure to come back over the next few weeks for a blow by blow account of my latest adventure! (And a few of my own photos, or at least some taken by Rich.)

By the way, did I mention how excited I am?!

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