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Breathtaking Kaniku Lava Flow Sunset, Hawaii Big Island

Dawn and dusk are often a special time in Hawaii. I don’t know if it’s the island chain’s location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but its amazing how often the rising or setting of the Sun can really … Continue reading

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The Spruce Goose: The Biggest Airplane Ever Built

I love airplanes, but my brother Bisckits adores them. So he couldn’t have been happier when, during a West Coast roadtrip from Seattle to San Francisco, we called in to see a very special aircraft. Just outside McMinnville, Oregon, is … Continue reading

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Sam’s Ses Challenge: Wild – Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone

Welcome to this week’s Sam’s Ses Challenge. Every weekend, Sam and I pick a word or phrase as the theme for the week. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post something Ses-related that you think fits … Continue reading

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Soaring Over The Prairies

I love watching the landscape pass by below from a soaring aeroplane. Even the flat terrain of the US and Canadian prairies is fascinating. Especially in areas where colossal collages of gigantic geometric irrigated fields cover the dusty plains. Expand … Continue reading

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Focusing on Fernando Alonso at the 2017 Indy 500

I can’t tell you how excited I was to learn that one of my favourite Formula 1 drivers, Fernando Alonso, would be taking part in this year’s Indy 500. His participation in the event changed my whole focus for the … Continue reading

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Strange Happenings at Roswell, New Mexico

Despite being the 5th largest city in New Mexico, Roswell comes across as a sleepy kind of place. The local economy is based on farming and ranching, and I can’t imagine anything particularly exciting happens here these days. Not the … Continue reading

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NASA’s Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center

I’ve been captivated by space travel from the moment I learned it existed. So visiting the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the first time made a huge impression on me. Expand the minds of you … Continue reading

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