South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey, Wales

Built above the cliffs on the tiny rugged islet of Ynys Lawd (South Stack), there’s no denying that South Stack Lighthouse commands a breathtaking location.

scan039Yet as with all lighthouses, South Stack’s positioning was determined by necessity, in this case protecting the ships sailing the Irish Sea off Anglesey. Not that this means we can’t enjoy this iconic Welsh lighthouse’s picturesque and dramatic setting.

scan040The first lighthouse was proposed at South Stack as far back as 1645, but construction of a beacon didn’t begin until 1808! The tower of the South Stack lighthouse is over 90 feet tall, perched atop cliffs that are themselves 135 feet high. These cliffs are home to all sorts of seabirds.

scan043scan041Located as it is on Wales’ west coast, the sunsets at South Stack can be spectacular!

scan042scan038scan037This post was inspired by the photo themes of Houses and/or Barns from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and Shine from Nancy of The Daily Post.

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8 Responses to South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey, Wales

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Great photos.. thanks Jaspa. 😀

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  4. ventisqueras says:

    bellissima luce,straordinarie le ultime due immagini, nella prima il faro sembraesere posto sopra la schiena di una grande balena

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