NASA’s Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center

I’ve been captivated by space travel from the moment I learned it existed. So visiting the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the first time made a huge impression on me.

The Kennedy Space Center Rocket Garden from outside the gates

What a view!

Left to right: Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, Delta, Juno II, Atlas- Agena and Gemini-Titan, with Saturn 1B lying on its side behind

Mercury Redstone, like the one flown by Alan Shepard, the first American in space

Mercury Atlas, like the one that carried John Glenn into Earth orbit

Saturn 1B, like those used in the development of the Saturn V rockets, which would eventually carry astronauts to the Moon

Another view of the Saturn 1B

Mercury Redstone at dusk

Mercury Atlas at dusk

Partially out of focus photo of the Rocket Garden at dusk, but I like the effects of the people!

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This post was inspired by this photo themes of Garden from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Evanescent and Impression from The Daily Post.


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5 Responses to NASA’s Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center

  1. themofman says:

    That is so awesome.

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  3. Cee Neuner says:

    You have such beautiful garden photos for this week. 😀

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