A Drive Around St. John, US Virgin Islands

On our second visit to the US Virgin Islands we decided to escape the traffic and shops of St. Thomas and instead escape to the peace and quiet of neighbouring St. John. We caught the boat from Redhook Bay on St. Thomas to Cruz Bay on St. John.

On the boat to St. John

Anywhere else, Cruz Bay would be considered a sleepy little town, but with nearly two-thirds of St. John given over to the Virgin Islands National Park, here it counts as the island’s economic hub.

Approaching Cruz Bay

Cruz Bay during rush hour

Looking down on Cruz Bay

We left Cruz Bay by car, heading clockwise around the island on the North Shore road. Around every bend we were met by a new and wonderful vista of curving bays and gently-rounded headlands.

The exclusive Caneel Bay resort

Trunk Bay, one of St. John’s most popular beaches

Overlooking Mayo and Francis Bays

Maho Bay beach

Leinster Bay, with Tortola (British Virgin Islands) in the distance

Leinster Bay

Not everything in St. John is idyllic: the sign says the leaves, bark and fruit of this Manchineel tree contains caustic sap… no wonder Columbus called its fruit ‘Death Apples’!

One of the highlights of our visit was the long-abandoned Annaberg Sugar Plantation above Leinster Bay.

Annaberg Sugar Plantation ruins

The circular tower is all that remains of the Annaberg plantation windmill

Round sugar kettle at Annaberg

Leinster Bay from Annaberg

From Annaberg, we headed back towards Cruz Bay through the heart of the National Park along Centerline Road, which follows the spine of the island, providing us with yet more spectacular views of forest clad curvaceous Caribbean coastlines.

Coral Bay from Centerline Road

Back in bustling Cruz Bay

Not exactly the busiest port in the World

St. John airport?

Not a bad spot to wait for the boat back to St. Thomas

A St John farewell

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This post was inspired by the photo themes of Six letter or more words containing ‘J’ (in this case ‘St. John’) from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and Rounded from Ben of The Daily Post.



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17 Responses to A Drive Around St. John, US Virgin Islands

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Brilliant and beautiful photos Jaspa. 😀

  2. Looks like a lovely place to relax.


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  10. Capt Jill says:

    Hope it still looks as pretty after the hurricanes this year.

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